About us

HeartBeats T.O. was created by 2 sisters who were inspired by the people of Toronto.

After many long and late nights of designing and brainstorming, HeartBeats T.O. was created in a small downtown apartment. The sisters printed a few shirts and wore them around the city. Fellow Torontonians started to approach them asking "Hey! Where can I get one?" They immediately knew they had created something special.

That was in 2010.

In those days, orders were collected and printed at Toronto Tees on Yonge Street. The T-shirts were then hand delivered to the customers by the sisters themselves. On hot summer days, some people would give the sisters a cold drink and have small talk. That is how they established relationships with their first customers.

Now, in 2019 - HBTO prints over 10,000 shirts, hats, hoodies and sweaters a year! 

Blessed with this amazing journey, HBTO plans to give back to the city they love by donating a percentage of their earnings to local charities. 

Both sisters, working full-time in their day jobs and having children, they still manage to run HBTO during the evenings and weekends. 

Their vision is to run HBTO full time and expand it across different cities and countries. 

The HBTO team appreciates each and every one of our fans who have supported us and continue to do so. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you. 

And whenever we see anyone wearing our gear, our hearts are full of love and pride. 


There is no better place like home.

MY HEARTBEATS T.O. ... Does yours?


Peace and Love
Team - HBTO

Show the world where your heart beats. Join the movement!

My HeartBeats T.O. ... Does Yours?
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